Miss Marilyn

True Alchemy Tattoo Studio - Miss Marilyn

A seasoned tattoo artist since 2017, Miss Marilyn possesses a comprehensive skill set spanning various tattooing styles, excelling in both color and black & grey. Her primary specialization lies in neo-traditional realism and watercolor, showcasing a passion for diverse subjects such as Portraits, Disney, Anime, Gothic/Dark Art, Plants/Florals, Nautical/Sea Life, Horror and Spooky themes, Mystical Creatures, and Cultural Mythology (Greek, Nordic, Mayan/Aztec, etc.).

Marilyn's artistic journey, rooted in a childhood filled with daily crayon creations within her earliest memories, extends to her academic years, where she honed her skills in fine art. Before transitioning to digital art for her tattoo career, she extensively explored traditional mediums like drawing with various tools on paper, watercolor and acrylic, ceramics, and printmaking.

Committed to crafting timeless artworks, Marilyn dedicates herself to creating the perfect piece for each client. She skillfully blends aesthetics and longevity while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere throughout the artistic process.